Christmas Holiday Nails with Barry M

Christmas Holiday Nails with Barry M. Dressing My Nails Up Like A Christmas Tree

Christmas Holiday Nails with Barry M.

Who does not like pretty nails at Christmas?

Christmas Holiday Nails with Barry M

Happy Friday afternoon friends. I am really getting into the Christmas mood now and I have even painted my nails for Christmas.

In Christmas colours of course 😀.

(Only not too sure how long this nail varnish will last though!?). 

Have you ever tried Barry M before?

I love to see long, beautiful painted nails with amazing nail art but they are just not practical for me.

I can not type on my computer properly with long nails.

No way would I want to wash the dishes or do any housework in fear of breaking them.

Also in my sleep, I pop my arm under my head and always scratch my neck when my nails are long.

Christmas Holiday Nails with Barry M
Christmas Holiday Nails with Barry M
Christmas Holiday Nails with Barry M

Christmas Holiday Nails with Barry M

How pretty are these nail colours?

Shopping For New Nail Polish:

My Daughter talked me into going inside the beauty outlet in McArthur Glen last week when we went shopping.

I wanted some new nail varnish for Christmas off we went for a look. I had been looking for some high gloss nail polishes for a while now and when we went inside, we found some straight away. 

These Barry M nail varnishes were a bargain at 3 for £5.00 so I picked out 3 straight away.

Christmas Holiday Nails:

I wanted my nails to look like Chrismas so I think I picked out the perfect match.
Here is a little bit about each colour, just in case you see any you fancy:


The plain green one is called Kiwi and looks lovely and glossy on. Lovely colour.

Can't Get You Out Of My Red:

The red one is called can't get you out of my red and is stunning. I always go for red and this is so glossy.

Catwalk Queen:

The greeny, bluey gold one is called catwalk queen and is beautiful too. I can not resist a bit of sparkle, especially around Christmas time.

What do you think of these colours?

Love them too?

Which one is your favourite?

Christmas Holiday Nails with Barry M. Dressing My Nails Up Like A Christmas Tree!!

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  1. I think the red is a classic, so that is my fave color, although I could never do my own nails lol

    1. Thank you. It is my favourite colour too :)

  2. I used to paint my nails red and green for Christmas but this year I decided to go with black. I love these nail polishes though.

  3. I don't usually paint my finger nails but for festive seasons these look lovely. Great ideas though...

  4. I'm nowhere near steady enough to do my own nails but the red is both festive and class!

    1. Thanks Liz, I would like someone to do mine for me sometimes :)

  5. Surekha Busa03:46

    That was so cute! So i have to paint my nails that colors too. Christmas is so fun..!

    1. Thank you. They did feel nice and festive :)

  6. Such festive polishes, the glitter in particular is one of my favourites. I always go and get my nails done at Christmas time x

  7. I love how festive all of the colors are! Especially the glitter one!

  8. I love that turquoise with the glitter! So pretty and it would be fun to wear when the new Ariel movie comes out :)

    1. Thank you. I love anything with glitter in it :)

  9. I love the shades. You just reminded me to get my nails done.


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