My Top Ten Tips To Lose Weight In Your 40's And Beyond

My Top Ten Tips To Lose Weight In Your 40's And Beyond. 

Some ideas that I have picked up along the way.

My Top Ten Tips To Lose Weight In Your 40's And Beyond

When you reach your forties unless you are very lucky, you can easily start to gain weight. My weight fluctuates like a yo-yo since reaching 40.

Then when you get to 45 you might have 2 decisions to make like I have:

1. Buy a whole new wardrobe of clothes (nice idea) that fit properly and comfortable.
2. Try and lose weight. (Perhaps also buy some new clothes!)

Whichever decision you make it needs to be the right one for you.

As it is how you feel but if you do want to lose a few pounds and make your favourite jeans fit again.
Read on.

My Top Ten Tips To Lose Weight In Your 40's And Beyond:

1.) Make Plans: 

Do you want to lose weight?

How much weight do you want to lose?

Set a target. Write it down.

You are much more likely to stick to a plan if you write it down and tell people about it.

Be realistic though.

Any weight you lose needs to be sensibly done.

This time you want to keep it off.

Have a short term goal and a long term end goal.

2.) Drink More Water:

Quite often you think you are hungry, it may well be you are low on fluids.

Try drinking regularly throughout the day.

When you do eat if your fluid intake has been good you will feel fuller for longer.

I have a large glass first thing, then every trip into the kitchen a sip or two.

With a sports bottle for the gym.

Always drink extra if you exercise.

3.) Try A New Exercise:

Try to visit a gym or go for a swim or a jog or an extra walk around the block.

Start with something new perhaps 2 or 3 times a week.

Plan your workout goals each week, try and stick to them.

Do not feel guilty if you don’t manage everything you planned.

Just make a small goal to start and take it from there.

4.) Make Your Meal Times Filling:

 Eat a sensible breakfast, lunch and healthy dinners.

If you make sure you are full up after each meal you are less likely to head for the biscuit tin an hour later.

5.) Fill Up On Fruit And Vegetables: 

Rather than bread and pasta.

Try to add a bit more fruit and veg on your plate and cut down on carbs.

It is surprising how much it can fill you up.

The great thing about most veg is that they are mainly calorie-free.

6.) Shop sensibly:

Never go shopping when hungry.

Fatal mistake.

Also, stick to a shopping list.

Do not let the supermarket offers take you away from your list.

If you do not buy in biscuits you will not eat them!

7.) Walk More:

Instead of going short rides in the car, think about walking instead.

Get off the bus a few stops earlier.

Walk up the steps instead of taking the escalator.

There are always ways you can add more walking in a day.

Stuck at home? Make excuses to go upstairs or downstairs more.

Buy a fitness tracker watch and set yourself fun step challenges.

8.) Do Not Give In:

Remember why you are doing this.

Think about your goals.

Don’t feel bad if you eat something you did not want to eat or missed a gym class/run because of the rain.

Simply move on, forget about it and carry on tomorrow.

Or you could risk going down that I’ve failed now so what does it matter if I eat the packet of biscuits now!?

I have done this many of times!

Will power!

9.) Make It Fun:

If it is not fun, then why are you doing it?

If you hate doing something it makes you miserable.

Think of new ways to make exercise more fun.

Try and find a class that is exciting.

That reminds me, I really want to go and try trampolining classes out. I am a big kid at heart.

10.) Reward Yourself:

Give yourself a pat on the back when you reach your short-term goals a little treat of your choice and have a big treat planned for your end goal.

I have a pair of my favourite brand’s shoes planned for my long-term goal.

I hope you have enjoyed the tips I have shared here today?

My Top Ten Tips To Lose Weight In Your 40's And Beyond:

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My Top Ten Tips To Lose Weight In Your 40's And Beyond

My Top Ten Tips To Lose Weight In Your 40's And Beyond. Over 40 Health And Fitness Tips.

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  1. Some great tips here - having healthy filling mealtimes is so important and I find having a protein reach breakfast and lunch really helps to stop the need to graze inbetween.

    1. Thanks Tayla. I need to eat more protein :)

  2. Good tips I am already on my fitness journey as a huge protein fan.

  3. Very timely article! Having fruit and veg around as snacks is a very good idea.

  4. Some good ideas here. I'm doing all of these things! But mainly making sure I drink enough water and do more walking

    1. Thanks for the comment. Water is always one I struggle with as I like hot drinks in Winter. I am trying more now though :)

  5. I like the tips a lot. I need to drink more water this year.

  6. Some great tips here. it can also be worth getting a medical M.O.T. if you suddenly put on weight. My problem was an underactive thyroid gland which was detected by a simple blood test.

    1. Thanks Ann. I never though of this. I will keep an eye on things, thank you :)

  7. These are some great tips and easily adapted to any age. Thank you!

  8. I will be 45 this year and am struggling as I am the heaviest I have ever been. I really struggle to drink enough water and its probably a really quick win for me

    1. Thanks Kara. I think this is what I am doing wrong, most of all as I try to always keep active.

  9. Great tips. I need to drink more water. And find an exercise that suits my dodgy knee. #POCOLO

  10. I have just turned 45. I was always very slim but I swear the moment I turned 40 the weight started piling on. I am unable to exercise at the moment but have made changes to my diet. I am glad that the weight is starting to come off. I am determined to get back into an old pair of jeans that I have been keeping on the off chance #pocolo

    1. Thanks for stopping by Louisa. Same for me. I have gained a few stone since turning 40 and now want to lose it.

  11. Your list is filled with good suggestions. It's especially important to drink enough water, walk, walk, walk, and eat sensibly. I find that walking is the easiest way to increase my exercise. #MMBC

    1. Thanks Carol. I am focusing on these 3 things the most at the minute :)

  12. All these ideas are spot on. I am rubbish at cutting down on food - so when I put on weight it comes off very slowly. I think I'm dieting if I only eat 1 or 2 chocolates a day. Still, I generally eat healthily and have lots of fluids. I need to get back into exercising again my I have finally beat the flu. Thanks for the motivation x Maria

    1. Thanks Maria. I have cut out chocolate at the minute because if I have one, I want the whole packet!

  13. Great ideas! I am focusing on more fruits and veggies and trying to cut back on carbs. We also just bought a new treadmill. I used to use our old one almost daily before it died and find I miss it so much in the winter. I am totally unmotivated to go outside; especially when temps are below zero!

    1. I would love a treadmill. I would love to do all my run inside as it is really hard to run outside at the minute.

  14. I've realised that by "dieting" I can eat a lot more and I'm struggling to fit it all in - quite a revelation really. I still need to drink more water though! Thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo and good luck :)

    1. Thanks Stephanie. I still struggle with water when its cold all I want to do is drink warm things. One I am trying to focus on :)

  15. I love these tips Claire. I'm trying to lose weight again and at 38 I see that 40 coming up fast. It's already difficult enough to lose weight so I'm not looking forward to getting to 40!
    As for your tips - I love the walking one. That made such a difference to me last year. Unfortunately our walking has reduced significantly because the Hubby has bad feet and can barely walk.
    Thanks for linking with #pocolo

    1. Thanks Morgan. I just do not know where the extra weight came from in my 20's :(

  16. I'm trying to drink more water. I drink it all day at work anyway, but not so much when I'm at home.

  17. All great reminders! I put on some weight after our trip to Europe (not during) and need to get back to healthier habits which the main one is to move more and drink more and eat less sugar (I guess that is 3 not 1 lol).

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I am the same over Summer :)


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